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If I Could Fly


A little bird and a butterfly

Flapped their wings up in the sky,

And as I watched them going by

I wished that I could also fly.


If I could fly I’d go so high

And breathe a happy little sigh,

No longer would I wonder why

I had to walk and never fly.


Oh how happy I would be!

Imagine all the things I’d see,

Flying like a bird or bee

Up above the tallest tree.


© Connie Arnold


                                                     WATCHING THE ANIMALS


A monkey was playing in a tree,

Swinging from limb to limb.

The things he did were fun to see,

And I liked watching him.

 A mighty lion was lying around,

Resting out in the sun,

Then giving a roar, got off the ground

And suddenly started to run.


An elephant, rather large and gray,

Lifted her trunk up high,

Wanting others to keep away

Since her baby was sleeping nearby.


I like the animals, big and small,

And you can enjoy them too,

Together where you can see them all

Whenever you visit the zoo.

© Connie Arnold




A little frog named Ribbit
Hopped up to a rabbit

Nibbling on a long blade of grass.
“Croak,” said little Ribbit,
“That looks a tasty tidbit
for you to nibble as I pass.”


The furry little bunny
Thought Ribbit looked so funny,
She turned, starting to hop away,
But Ribbit said, “Oh, no!
Little rabbit please don’t go.
I only wanted you to play.”

The little bunny rabbit
Found out that little Ribbit
Was quite nice and they could have fun,
So they both hopped around,
Through the grass on the ground,
Playing together in the sun.

© Connie Arnold




God loves you and God loves me,

That’s the way it’s meant to be,

Loving you each night and day,

While you sleep and when you pray,

As you rest and when you run,

When you’re really having fun,

When you have some food to eat,

At a meal or as a treat,

And in everything you do,

God is always loving you!


© Connie Arnold





A little brown robin, alone, the only one,

Was sitting on a branch, singing in the sun.


Along came a bird whose feathers were blue

To join in the song, so then there were two.


The robin and the bluebird, singing in the tree,

Were joined by a sparrow, and then there were three.


Each time a bird joined there was one more than before,

So when a blackbird came, then there were four.


 A noisy mockingbird who had started to dive

Joined them on the branch, and then there were five.

A little wren making a nest with some sticks

Flew over to join them, and then there were six.

  A brave meadowlark, flying up to heaven,

Swooped down beside them, and then there were seven.


A bright red cardinal, perched on a gate,

Came to sing with them, and then there were eight.


The song they were singing sounded so fine

 A chickadee joined them, and then there were nine.


 An oriole joined the other birds and then

Their song was sung by a total of ten.


                                                                                                               © Connie Arnold