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Reviews for Olive and the Great Flood

Olive and the Great Flood by Connie Arnold is a sweet story of how Olive the dove helped Noah and his passengers while they awaited the end of the flood.

This rhyming story shares the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark from the perspective of the tiny dove sent out after the rain had stopped to check for dry land. She helps calm everyone’s fears with her gentle coos and peaceful songs until the day when it is safe for all the passengers to disembark. What a charming and unique way to share a beloved Bible story.

Part of Guardian Angel Publishing’s Wings of Faith line, the beautiful illustrations are provided by artist Kathleen Bullock. She manages to capture meaningful expressions not only on Noah, but also the animals’ faces. I will be on the lookout for more of her work.

A perfect way to remind children of God’s promise, Olive and the Great Flood will show children how God can use even a tiny dove to reveal His greatness.

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The story centers upon Olive, a beautiful white dove who will play a large part in this version. Olive’s gentle coos help to calm the restive creatures crammed in the ark while it rains for forty days and nights.. When the rain finally stops, Olive has another task. She is sent to find dry land for them to settle. She returns with her namesake olive branch, proving that the flood is over and the animals can be released to find their own homes. Olive and her mate settle in the olive tree to make their nest. In the end, God’s promise never to flood the world again, is evidenced in the rainbow, a sign of his love and a reminder of his promise.

Ms. Arnold’s retelling of the Ark story is told in rhyme, which children enjoy. But what makes the story come to brilliant life is the exquisite artwork by Ms. Bullock. The drawings are realistic and pleasing. They bring delight and action in a story that mainly has the constant rain and the flood to move the scenes. to add text, images, and other content.

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Connie Arnold takes the reader on a splendid rendition of Noah’s Ark told through the eyes of Olive, the dove. Arnold’s expert knack of rhyme has a steady flow throughout Olive and the Great Flood, making the old age bible story come to life. Topped off with realistic illustrations created by Kathleen Bullock, the reader will feel part of the story. A new classic has been born.

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There are lots of picture books out there that retell Bible stories, but this is one of the best I've seen.

Olive and the Great Flood is about the well-known story of Noah and the ark. But it's told from the point of view of the dove, who the author has named Olive.

This story is told completely in rhyme and, unlike many rhyming books, it isn't forced and the meter is perfect.

I absolutely love the illustrations by Kathleen Bullock because they show just what the author Connie Arnold  portrays with her words. The two of them make a great team.

I'm sure kids will enjoy this book and I hope  lots of Sunday Schools and Christian preschools get it for their libraries.

Janet Ann Collins/OnWords Opening Eyes, Opening Hearts 

Reviews for Count 1,2,3 With Me

I am delighted to review 4RV Publishing’s new book for preschoolers, Count 1,2,3 With Me. This book would make a perfect Christmas gift for any little child. First off, it is a feast for the eyes with bright and lovely illustrations of people, turtles, big cats at the zoo, puppies and kids having a wonderful time both with their Daddies and their Mommies. There are many more pretty pictures, these are just a few. All the pictures illustrate a creative rhyme that children will be sure to want to say along with you after a few reads.

Preschoolers are like little sponges, and will be sure to learn a lot from this unique counting book. It definitely provides a painless way to learn counting from 1-10. 

You will also find many more lovely books at their online store:

You will not be disappointed with this little gem of a book, and neither will your child. Connie Arnold is also the author of devotional books. You can also purchase books or visit Connie at
Reviewed by Megan Vance

I had the chance to read Connie's book, which counts from one to ten, painting scenes from the life of a child. It has a fun rhyming text, with bright, vivid images which can easily be counted by children learning to count. As a parent, I love that the text is short, without feeling skimpy. Counting the objects together would easily add length if you were looking to spend more time on a book, but I love finding quick, fun reads that I can read to my kids at night (especially when it is past bedtime--more than likely mine!). 

Reviewed by Janet Sumner Johnson
Counting to ten is so much fun with this colorful and lyrical book. Count 1, 2, 3, With Me by Connie Arnold will be released by 4RV Publishing on November 10th. One turtle creeps around during the day and at night his shell becomes his bed. Two arms hugs those we hold dear, while three boys wrestle with dad. Puppies, kids, cars, and more fill this wonderful book.

Vibrant and colorful artwork from Ginger Nielson accompanies Arnold’s rhymes. A perfect match in one book that youngsters will turn to time and again as they learn to count.

 Reviewed by The Children's and Teens' Book Connection


 Count 1, 2, 3 with Me, by Connie Arnold and illustrated by Ginger Nielson, is a lovely rhyming, counting book.  Parents will enjoy sharing it with their preschoolers.  And teachers can read it aloud with their early kindergarten students learning to count to ten. The book takes you all over with happy, smiling children, playing games, walking, and viewing the world through wonder-filled eyes.  They see normal daily home life scenes.  They see pets in the park and wild animals in their zoo habitats.  They see insects, games, and fun activities -- everything that children can relate to in their world and at their level.  

This sweet book is complemented by Ginger Nielson’s beautiful artwork which illustrates the scenes that go with the counting to ten lessons.  Her illustrations are full of life and energy.  They cry out to kids to be active and experience everything that a child’s life can be.

This is a book that kids will enjoy and easily relate to.  We see them playing ball, walking and Yo-yo-ing, learning to tie their shoes, watching nature, going to the park, playing with puppies, visiting the zoo, shopping and cuddling with Mom, wrestling with Dad, and even learning the days of the week.  It’s a joyful comment on the different kinds of fun children can have everywhere they are  -- as long as they are open to the possibilities. 

Reviewed by Penelope Anne Cole  

Reviews for Animal Sound Mix-up

Wouldn’t it be confusing if you heard a donkey say bow-wow? Would you scratch your head if a monkey said moo? How about some squawking pigs? Seen any of those lately? In this silly, rhyming story, Connie Arnold asks readers what it would be like if all the animal sounds got mixed up.

I like books that can be zany, but still have an excellent message. Animal Sound Mix-up is definitely one of those books. While it’s light-hearted, by the time the reader gets to the end, they realize God’s hand in creation is quite evident. Animals speak the way they do because He made them each to speak in their own unique way. It’s a nice message. A different take on the power of the Creator than I’ve seen before.

Arnold’s rhymes are perfectly matched by the lovely artwork of Kit Grady. All types of animals come alive with Grady’s colorful images. Any of these illustrations would make lovely murals for a child’s room. I only wish she didn’t live so far away from me.  :)

Animal Sound Mix-up is a fun book with a great message. Christian homes with youngsters will enjoy this book.

Rating:  :) :) :) :) :)

Reviewed by Cheryl Malandrinos for The Children's and Teens' Book Connection

Animal Sound Mix-UP is so adorable! The Author, Connie Arnold has a terrific vision seeing animals speak in an unusual mix-up way. For instance Connie writes {“What if when you went to the Zoo all the Monkeys were to moo”}.  That would be so funny to hear a Monkey Moo!

After I read this adorable book, I read it to my son, he giggled so hard!  We both kept giggling. That’s what you want to read to your children, a light hearted rhyming story that get’s your child laughing and thinking how unusual it would be if the animal sounds were mixed up.

This book is a must read and should be in stores, libraries, schools and in your home!

I rank Animal Sound Mix-UP a  5!

Reviewed for Poetic Monthly Magazine

Reviewer: Jane Ferris


Imagine if animals got confused and exchanged voices with each other. That’s just what happens in the picture book, Animal Sound Mix-Up. Silliness abounds as a mouse roars, a donkey barks, and monkeys moo. I liked the book’s easy-to-read, rhyming text explaining the muddled mumblings of the various critters. The charming illustrations complement the words, showing animals with happy expressive faces.

I recommend this book for children age 2 and up, although parents, grandparents and teachers will appreciate it, too. Animal Sound Mix-Up is just the right length to read during children’s church, but would work for Sunday school or a preschool class, too. Toward the end, the book provides a simple way to help children understand God’s perfect design.

Get ready for giggles and belly laughs as you enjoy the absurdity of animals uttering the wrong sounds. Don’t be surprised if kids ask to read this one again and again.

 Reviewed by Beth Bence Reinke


What if a lion said meow...
or if a donkey said bow-wow?

Things would certainly be a little weird if they became mixed up somehow! That's the type of fun you can expect in Animal Sound Mix-up by Connie Arnold. 

Venture along in this fun rhyme as you discover what the world would be like if animal sounds got mixed up. You have to admit, it would be quite interesting to hear a roar from a mouse and a squeak from an elephant.

The beautiful illustrations by Kit Grady are sure to delight that young animal lover in your life, while the book overall is a great resource to teach preschoolers about animal sounds and to encourage a discussion about what makes each of us unique.

Reviewed by Lori Calabrese


There are countless books for young children about the sounds animals make. I remember my brother enjoying books like that back in the 1940s and as a mother, preschool teacher, and grandmother I've seen dozens more advising kids that "Cows say 'Moo'" and "Dogs say 'Bow-Wow.' " However I've never seen one like Connie Arnold's Animal Sound Mix-up, which asks children to imagine what would happen if animals made the wrong sounds. Children will probably laugh at the crazy possibilities.

Unlike many rhyming picture books, the rhythm and meter flow naturally and the message that God made animals the way they really are is a positive one.
As you can see from the cover, Illustrator Kit Grady did an excellent job of capturing the amusing feeling of the book.
In my humble opinion, little kids will love this book.


Set the washing machine on the spin cycle, throw in animal sounds and add animals. What do you get? “Animal Sound Mix U p.” Connie Arnold wrote a book to open a child’s imagination to the possibility of a world where owls howl like dogs and lions meow like kittens.

The rhyme intoxicates children with its effortless sing- song rhyme. The illustrations are crisp and eye catching. Kit Grady has out done herself. The animals are so life-like, the reader can almost hear the animals making their unique fans.

Reviewed by J. Aday Kennedy


The old expression, “things are they way they are meant to be” stands true for Animal Sound Mix-up. Chaos would certainly ensue if animals suddenly made different noises than what they always have. Could you imagine the looks on humans faces if this happened? Eyes would bulge and jaws would drop when encountering:

“What if you were at the park and a nearby horse began to bark?”

Amazingly so, chaos does not ensue in animal language, because by the grace of God each animal has their own unique and special voice.

Children’s author, Connie Arnold takes the reader on a fun and thought provoking adventure of “what if” through Animal Sound Mix-up, which will surely have child and adult laughing out loud.

Reviewed by Donna McDine


Animal Sound Mix-up Book Review Author: Connie Arnold Illustrator: Kit Grady Print ISBN 13: 978-161633-083-5eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-61633-084-2 Published by: Guardian Angel Publishing Recommended for ages 4 to 8 5 stars

Can you imagine what the world would be like if animals each made completely different sounds than expected? That would be such an amazing surprise, and how crazy it would seem if this were to happen! This book explores different animal sounds and why animals make the sounds they do.

After reading this book, you will even have to admit hearing a donkey say “Bow-wow” would be something quite unusual. Or even hearing some pigs on a farm squawking like an alarm. This is one book sure to please even the most reluctant reader in your family. Not to mention the fun and colorful illustrations by Kit Grady, which adds to the amusing and wacky time you will have with your child. 

We also felt this is a great book not only to help teach preschoolers to kindergarteners about animal sounds, but also as a tool for children to tell you by looking only at the illustrations what they think is happening on each page. This process not only builds creative thinking skills, it also provided opportunities to along the way to talk with your child about the different ways we communicate and how we are each unique. 

Reviewed by SFC Blog: Families Matter


Animal Sound Mix-up by Connie Arnold and illustrated by Kit Grady and published by Guardian Angel Publishers  is a fun read aloud book that describes what would happen if the animals around us made different sounds. For me this is great "activity" book to read to kids as it fosters discussion and lots of play acting.  

If I were doing a story time I would have the kids all take a turn pretending to be a different animal with a different sound. I love the illustrations because the animals are so expressive and cute. Animal Sound Mix-Up also reinforces the idea that we are all special and how we look or sound makes us unique. That is a wonderful thing about this book, it is not preachy but teaches in a simple way. In this day and age we must always strive to educate children to accept each other for who they are. That is the inspirational message of this sweet  book.

If you wish to read more about Connie you can go and read some of her inspirational words at her website: or   Remember never try to change something that isn't broken...enjoy!

Reviewed by Rosemary Marotta


Do you like reading to your toddlers? Are you a proud grandma and grandpa looking for a good book to read to your precious grandkids? If you answered yes to either question, look no further. Connie Arnold's Animal Sound Mix-Up will bring cheer delight to your little bundle of joy.

Written in beautiful rhyme, the book explores the sound that domestic, farm and jungle animals make. To help young toddlers learn about sounds, the author poses silly questions like: What would happen if a cat were to moo? Or what if a lion said meow... or if a donkey said bow-wow? The colorful pictures on every page will keep a young child captivated while learning what sounds goes with what animal in a fun way.

I can visualize the learning that can take place reading this book to a toddler. The book can be used as a very handy educational tool to teach young children beginning sounds.

Homeschooling has become a viable option for many families; this book would be a good choice for teaching first sounds through rhyming. Some examples of rhyming used throughout the book are: say, day, way- bear, stare- howl, owl- squeak, speak-meow, and bow-wow.

The author graciously provided me with a PDF file of this book for review. After reading it once, I went back and read it again and again. The illustrations by Kit Grady added more depth to the story. I highly recommend this book to any parent or grandparent looking for a good book that can be both fun and educational.

Reviewed by Nicole Weaver

What would you do if you heard monkeys moo or pigs squawk or horses bark? You’d giggle at the complete silliness of it all! And that kind of giggle-causing silliness is just what’s in store for you and your young child when you read Animal Sound Mix-Up, written by Connie Arnold and illustrated by Kit Grady.

In a whimsical way, the book explores the question of how we might react if animals (both domestic and wild) made sounds we didn’t expect to hear from them. After posing several amusing scenarios, the author points out God’s wisdom in giving each animal its own unique sound.

What I Like: A majority of the snappy rhyming pattern and rhythm flowed nicely throughout the book, making it fun to read aloud. I’m confident children will enjoy the comical animal/sound pairings. In addition, the pictures were beautiful, bright, and projected a playful feeling of motion.

What I Dislike: I felt like the rhythm broke down a little on the last few pages, which made the rhymes at the end of the book feel forced.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Reviewed by Lori Scott for Christian Children's Book Review


Congratulations to author, Connie Arnold, for her delightful picture book, animal Sound Mix-Up. Her rhyme and rhythm is music to my ears. Children will giggle as they imagine animals speaking with the wrong sound.

"What if a lion said meow . . .
or if a donkey said bow-wow?
Wouldn't it seem quite funny now
if they became mixed up somehow?"

Kit Grady, the illustrator captured the humor of this book with colorful, action filled pictures. This book would be a great addition to every school and home library.

Reviewed by Kathy Stemke